Kao, Hsiao-Wei[ Associate Professor  ]

Office Tel: (04) 22840416 # 415
Lab. Tel: (04) 22840416 # 416
Fax: (04) 22874740
Highest Education: PhD, University of California, USA
Professional Specialty: Molecular evolution  
E-mail: hkao@dragon.nchu.edu.tw
Lab. WebSite:  
Graduate from Major in Degree Period
University of California at Davis Ecology Ph.D. 1991,09至1997, 03
Research Interest
1 Systematics of fishes, molecular evolution, molecular ecology
2 Phylogeography of fishes
3 Structure and evolution of vertebrate mitgenomes
4 Functions and evolution of vertebrate phosphoglucose isomerases

Research Topic
1 Phylogeography and genetic differentiation of Pseudorasbora parva in East Asia.
2 Genetic differentiation of gray mullet in the coastal waters around Taiwan.
3 Structure and evolution of mitogenome of mackerel icefish (Champsocephalus gunnari)
4 Taxonomy of Rhodeus ocellatus
5 Structure and function evolution of vertebrate phosphoglucose isomerase

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