Hsueh, Pan-Wen[ Professor ]

Office Tel: (04) 22840319 # 713
Lab. Tel: (04) 22840319 # 714
Fax: (04) 22854916
Location: Life Science, Room 712
Highest Education: PhD in Biology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
Professional Specialty: Invertebrate Zoology, Marine Ecology, Larval Ecology  
E-mail: pwhsueh@dragon.nchu.edu.tw
Lab. WebSite:  
Graduate from Major in Degree Period
美國阿拉巴馬大學伯明罕分校 博士 1992
美國加州州立大學Fresno分校 碩士 1988
私立東海大學 學士 1980
Organization Department Title Period
國立中興大學 生命科學系 教授 2003 - 迄今
國立中興大學 動物學系 副教授 1995/08 - 2003
國立自然科學博物館 副研究員 1992/02 - 1995/07
Research Interest
1 Community structures of rocky intertidal macroinvertebrates
2 Systematics of Patellogastropoda
3 Systematic of polychaetes
4 Systematics of sipunculan worms

Research Topic
1 Community structure of rocky intretidal macronvertebrates in Taiwan waters
2 Studies on systematic and community structure of intertidal limpets.
3 Taxonomy on polychaete worms from Taiwan waters
4 Taxonomy on sipunculan worms from Taiwan waters

Current Project
1 Taxonomy studies on Polychaeta (Phylum Annelida) and Sipuncula of Taiwan
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