Cheng, Hsu-Chen[ Assistant Professor ]

Office Tel: (04) 22840416 # 514
Lab. Tel: (04) 22840416 # 515
Fax: (04) 22874740
Location: Building of Life Sciences, Roo
Highest Education: Ph.D. Genetics & Developmental Biology, University of\r\nConnecticut
Professional Specialty: Genetics & Developmental Biology, Signal Transduction  
Lab. WebSite:  
Graduate from Major in Degree Period
University of Connecticut Genetics & Developmental Biology Ph.D. 1995/08-2002/01\r\n
國立台灣大學 植物病理與微生物學系(原植物病蟲害學系病理組)\r\n 學士 1987/09-1992/06
Organization Department Title Period
University of Connecticut Health Center (UCHC) Oral Biolog Instructor for "Curr 2002-2004
University of Connecticut health Center (UCHC) Oral Biology Program Post-doctoral fellow 2002 -2004
University of Connecticut Genetics & Developmental Biology Graduate assistant 1995-2002
中央研究院 分子生物學研究所 研究助理 1994-1995
Research Interest
1 Embryogenesis
2 Organogenesis
3 Evolutionary Developmental Biology
4 Sex Determination
5 Cell differentiation & Singal transduction

Research Topic
Hedgehog signaling pathway in chicken embryogenesis
1.Ming-Jyh Sheu, Pei-Yu Chou, Chin-Shiu Huang, I-Chun Tsai, Yi-Chung Chien, Sung-Yuan Lin, Huei-Yann Tsai, Hsu-Chen Cheng, Chieh-Hsi Wu 2010 2010 Pipoxolan inhibits proliferation of HL-60 human leukemia cancer cells by arresting the cell cycle at the G0/G1 phase Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology. (SCI)
2.Ming-Jyh Sheua, Pei-Yu Choub, Hsu-Chen Cheng, Chieh-Hsi Wu, Guan-Jhong Huang, Bor-Sen Wang, Yi-Chung Chien, Ming-Hsing Huang 2009 2009 Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Activities of a water extract of Trachelospermum jasminoides (Apocynaceae. (SCI)
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4.Cheng HC, Wang CKL, Upholt WB 2004 2004 Transcriptional regulation of Msx2 in the\r\nAERs of developing limbs is dependent on multiple close Dev,Biol. 270(2). pp.513-524.
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1.Hsu-Chen Cheng, Chi-Kuang Leo Wang, William Upholt 2003 2003 Molecular characterization of the chicken Msx2 AER-specific enhancer,62th SDB Annual Meeting. Boston, MA (poster presentation) .
2.Hsu-Chen Cheng 2002 2002 Regulation of Msx2 expression in the AER during limb development,Skin and its Cell Workshop, CBRC. Boston, MA .
3.Hsu-Chen Cheng 2001 2001 Identification of a protein that specifically binds\r\nto an AER-specific enhancer region of the chi Northeast regional Developmental Biology meeting,Woods hole, MA .
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