Shih, Hsi-Te - Professor
Shih, Hsi-Te Professor 繁體中文 English
Full-time teacher

Molecular phylogeny, Biogeography, Systematics, Freshwater Ecology, Wetland Ecology, Animal Behavior


Graduate from Major in Degree Period
National Sun Yat-sen University Institute of Marine Biology Ph.D. 1995 ~ 1999
National Sun Yat-sen University Institute of Marine Biology M. S 1988 ~ 1990
Tunghai University Department of Biology B. S. 1984 ~ 1988

Experience / Honor

Organization Department Title Period
National Museum of Natural Science Department of Zoology Assistant curator 2001 ~2005
National Sun Yat-sen University Department of Biological Sciences Postdoctoral fellow 1999 ~2001

Lab Member

Research Interest
1 Studies on the ecology, taxonomy, systematics, behavior, phylogeny, biogeography and phylogeography of invertebrates (esp. land crabs, freshwater crabs, marine crabs, hermit crabs, etc.)

Research Topic
1 Phylogeny and biogeography of the land crabs, Gecarcinidae and Coenobitidae.
2 Phylogeny and biogeography of the fiddler crabs in the Indo-Pacific region
3 Phylogeny and biogeography of freshwater crabs in East Asia

Current Project
1 National Science Council (academic years 2012~2014): Molecular systematics of the land crabs, families Gecarcinidae and Coenobitidae
2 National Science Council (academic years 2009~2011): Phylogeny and systematics of the fiddler crabs in the Indo-West Pacific region

Journal Article

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