Lin, Ho - Professor
Lin, Ho Professor 繁體中文 English
Full-time teacher

Cell Biology, Tumor Biology, Physiology, Endocrinology, Neurobiology


Graduate from Major in Degree Period
National Yang Ming University, Taiwan Department of Physiology Ph.D. 1995 ~ 2000
Tunghai University, Taiwan Department of Biology B.S. 1991 ~ 1995

Experience / Honor

Organization Department Title Period
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Urology Visiting Professor 2012.02 - 2013.01
Journal "Adaptive Medicine" Editorial Board Associate Editor 2011.01-2012.12
National Chung Hsing University Department of Life Sciences Associate Professor 2009.02 to date
Society of Adaptative Science in Taiwan council member of council 2007 to date
National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan Department of Life Science Assistant Professor 2004.10~2009.01
National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan Division of Molecular and Genomic Medicine Postdoctoral Fellow 2000~2004


Research Interest
1 Signal transduction of tumor cells and drug effects
2 Cellular signal transduction in endocrinology
3 Molecular mechanism of neuronal differentiation (including neurodegenerative diseases)

Research Topic
1 Causes of cancers and their responses to drugs
2 Mechanisms of steroidogenesis and drug effects

Current Research Grant
1. Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology
2. Taichung Veterans General Hospital

Lab Member

The current lab members include postdoctoral fellows, Ph.D. students, research assistants, master degree students, undergraduate students, high school students.

Anyone who is interested to join my lab is welcome to contact me at any time.

The foreign students, including graduate or undergraduate exchange student, are welcome to join our lab. We provide the different kinds of scholarship and the opportunity of research/teach assistant to support the living cost.

Journal Article

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Symposium Presentation

Yang MS, Hsu FN, and Lin H* 2008 2008 Changes of survival signalings between androgen-dependent and -independnet status in prostate cancer cells,The 23th Joint Annual Conference of Biochemical Science. Taipei, Taiwan, March 29~30. (Oral Session #44) .
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Lin H*, Chen MC, and Wang PS 2007 2007 Nicotine decreases testosterone production and Leydig cell viability through Cdk5 hyperactivation. Program and Abstract of the 40th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Reproduction,San Antonio, USA 21-25, July, 2007. (poster # 414) .
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Lin H, Chen MC, Juang JL, and Wang PS 2004 2004 A possible curative effect of digoxin on prostate cancer,Twelfth International Congress of Endocrinology, Lisbon, Portugal. August 31~September 4 (Oral Session # 16) .

Research Project

Cdk5蛋白對於多囊性卵巢疾病之扮演角色的探討 (WR2)