The Biomedical Technology Cluster of the Department of Life Sciences integrates passionate teachers and newly hired teachers to fully promote "Biomedicine and Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology", "Stem Cells and Developmental Biology", "Environmental and Microbial Biotechnology", "Genomics and Proteomics" and "Cancer Biology and Immunology".

The quality and quantity of the research results published in recent years are both excellent, and many of the research results have obtained invention patents and technology licensing from the United States and Taiwan, which fully proves the research energy of the faculty in this cluster. 

In response to the development trend of modern science and technology, this cluster encourages college students to participate in specific research in various laboratories to stimulate their interest in participating in academic research. At the same time, graduate students were trained to receive specialized courses in biomedical technology to cultivate high-level biomedical technology talents so as to create the new era of biomedical technology in our country.